We solve complex problems using stable principles with an eye towards emerging trends.

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Governance Models: Enabled by Neural Networks

Situation: a decentralized internet network wanted to implement a governance system to manage operational decision making

Problem: reconciling a centralized concept (governance system) with a decentralized application (blockchain network) and enabling autonomous execution of governance commands

Analysis: we ran datasets of best practices for corporate governance models through an artificial neural network and linked that to decision making outputs; this effectively decentralized and automated decision making to the neural networks (software)


Financing: next generation

Situation: a single family office (SFO) with significant cash reserves wanted to consider new business models for investment

Problem: narrowing the industry focus and decisioning around building, partnering, or acquiring complimentary businesses and/or assets

Analysis: we performed an asset scan of business operations held by the SFO to determine competitive advantages and decide unique market positioning for a complimentary business model and best mode of engagement


Customer Onboarding: Process Driven Pain points

Situation: A regulatory consulting firm wanted to understand how to implement an emerging technology solution to address pain points in customer onboarding for financial services institutions

Problem: an understanding of the current state of customer onboarding was needed in order to identify where a technology solution may be applicable

Analysis: we cross analysed regulatory considerations in addition to business drivers and legacy technology systems and determined that an emerging technology solution addressed a digital marketing need- not an operational or regulatory driver